Tom Jepson Creative

Cat Mess in the Sink

Coming downstairs a little after 5AM to find your cat has used the sink as her toilet when her litter box is less than 10 feet away is an unexpected, disgusting curveball that nobody ever appreciates.

Do you get worked up and chastise the cat? She was uncomfortable and, at the end of it, is a cat. Do you get cross with yourself for not putting water in the sink so she couldn't jump in it? Pointless; retrospect help nothing.

Stoic philosopher Seneca tells us:

"It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it."

It is important for us to hold some perspective on what really matters as we zip through life. The minor inconveniences and tiny curveballs (forgetting where you put your car keys; a child spilling their juice) might feel like the world is out to get us but, really, they're just one tiny bump in an otherwise moderately flat road.

Is it worth us stumbling and upsetting our apple cart when we could take a breath and resolve the situation? No, probably not.

Have a little vent if you need to - "Millie, that is GROSS. Don't do it again! - get it out and move on. Clean up the mess, reset yourself, and focus on bearing the next thing like a champ.