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Every successful digital product is backed by a well-defined UX strategy and has a considered, user-centred UX design to bring it to life. Your website, app, or service is no different.

We’ll work together to clearly define the problems you really need to solve, focus on what your audience really wants and needs, and gently challenge your thinking to align your team around a focussed central theme.

Let’s set you up for success.

UX Strategy

"What exists and why?"

Exploring and defining a UX strategy might seem daunting at first, but it needn't be. You probably know a lot of the answers already but need a fresh pair of eyes to help you make sense of them.

Creating a UX strategy is arming you with the right knowledge about your business and audience to kickstart a successful solution.

Examples of a Lean Canvas and Empathy Map used during a UX strategy workshop
UX strategy review

Review what you have now.

Starting something new or advancing an existing product, understanding where to begin is really important.

Understand your business as part of a UX strategy

Understanding your business.

Explore your business goals, needs, outcomes, and motivations to help frame a problem.

Better understand the needs of your audience for a strong UX strategy

Understanding your audience.

Uncover what the people at the heart of your offer want and need, their motivations and missions.

A UX strategy should help frame your product

Understanding your product.

Find out where a user's journey *really* begins and validate ideas through user research and testing.

Bring everything together as part of your UX strategy

Focus the design.

Bring together the knowledge of your business, audience, and product to set the direction for a winning UX design.

UX Design

“What needs to exist and how do we do it?”

A great website or mobile app begins with your user; the audience for your brand or customer for your product. Taking what you know of your audience and business, we’ll design tangible, effective, working solutions.

Wireframes and post-it notes are used as for good UX design
User Journey Mapping is a cornerstone tool of the UX designer

Define the user’s journey.

Using what we know about your audience we can map the ideal path they‘ll take through your product, smoothing points of friction as we go.

Low fidelity wireframes help move quickly in a UX design

Design the wireframes.

Translating the user journey into screens with which a user interacts; wireframes are models of your product’s structure to check page flow, your copy, and and the design concepts we‘re building upon.

UX design prototypes are used to validate ideas and create the best products

Create prototypes.

To help validate our ideas, usable and testable prototypes can be created to highlight the product’s intent and flow.

A UX design captures the best parts of a product to be used in the UI design

Design the high-fidelity UI.

Wrapping up the strategy, user journey, and wireframes with an exciting, beautiful interface designed for accessibility, usability, and engagement from your audience.

Let’s work together

Great teamwork starts with a conversation.

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