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Virtual Collaboration with Remote Workshops

Half the battle when starting a project is knowing the right questions to ask. A UX workshop can be structured to find and solve almost any challenge when you’re creating or refining a digital product or service.

With fully-remote sessions to learn about your audience, set a direction for your product, or collaborate on design ideas, a workshop can rapidly move your project forward and help engage and align a project team.

An expertly-facilitated workshop can save you time, money, and energy when it comes to team alignment and moving projects forward. With a focussed agenda and an impartial guide set to help you achieve their goals, workshops are the best way to unlock your collaborative superpowers!

Your Workshop Journey

Discovery, strategy, and design

Discovery Workshops

You might be working on a new product or service, or looking to improve something about your existing offer. You can have a period of discovery at any point in a project; there’s always time to learn! Each discovery session begins with a ‘problem statement’ to frame and direct our attention.

A discovery workshop could be used to gain insight into your audience, the problems they face, and how they approach their work. It can provide insight to validate or redirect a line of enquiry to drive your project forward.

Using the Workshop Tactics cards to plan a Disovery UX Workshop

Strategy Workshops

Every successful project is built on a solid strategy, with time taken to explore the reasons for creating the digital product you’re launching.

A strategy workshop can be used to pick into key areas of your business, your product plan, or your design approach. It can help formalise the approaches you need to take to make your project a success.

Post-it Notes are used during mapping sessions for all types of UX workshop

Design Workshops

At some point in your project you’re going to be thinking about what the outcomes and outputs need to look like; what shape your solution is going to take.

Design workshops are an open playing field for exploring concepts and sharing ideas as a team. Through a collection of structured design activities, everyone can contribute and bring ideas to the table.

The outputs from a design workshop can be used to aid a development team’s activities, feed into a design team’s work, or provide fuel for a future design, strategy, or discovery session.

Rapid ideas and Crazy 8s get the ideas out for a collaborative UX design workshop

Running Remote Workshops

Just because we’re not in the same room doesn’t mean we can’t hold an enjoyable, effective workshop. Using Zoom and MURAL (amongst other tools) we can collaborate in real-time or offline.

Real-time sessions are run in 90 minute intervals with breaks; 3 1/2 hours spent in front of the screen is no good for anyone's focus. We can plan sessions around your team availability and, if you need it, run a pre-session 'tech warm-up' to make sure everyone is on board with how they can engage with the workshop.

For longer workshops - like a Design or Strategy Sprint - we will usually run shorter sessions over a week or two, engaging together online and leaning into offline 'homework', too. Resources and collaborative spaces will always be avilable for session attendees so they can contribute in their own time.

Remote workshops can be run with any team, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

Book a Remote Workshop

Let’s talk about how we can bring your team together.

Workshops start at £1,350 for a single event and can be booked with as little as two weeks’ notice.

What’s in a workshop?

• Pre-session consultancy and session planning

• Remote delivery of the planned session(s)

• Wrap-up and post-session review plus an opportunity to feed back

I’d love to talk with you about your needs and how a workshop could be the right tool to unlock the next stage of your project. Please book some time in my diary with no obligation or send me an email to get the ball rolling.

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